Partnering for Investment on the Garden Route: September 2017

Partnering for Investment on the Garden Route: September 2017
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Greybeard Business Catalysts is the promoter of the website and facebook page that was established in July 2017 to draw attention to an Investment Promotion project for the Garden Route economy. The South African economy is at present suffering under recessionary conditions that impacts all residents. This project’s objective is to highlight and encourage Garden Route residents and others who aspire to become Garden Route residents and/or investors to assist in promoting increased economic activity within the area that will lead not only to job creation but also improved economic well-being for all.

Internationally, practitioners in economic development have come to the conclusion that Collaboration or Partnering are practical methodologies to active pursue to promote regional economies. In simple terms we need to talk about how we can make entrepreneurial businesses more successful. Fortunately there is much economic activity around us that can be nurtured.

To fulfill the functions of an investment promotion agency for the Region, Invest Garden Route needs to raise or crowdfund sufficient capital to operate for at least two years. During this period an Investment Fund should be launched to provide investment capital for a range of viable projects. In the meantime various project opportunities will be explored and investigated. Investors and entrepreneurs interested in playing a role or discussing key issues (from investment, strategy, business plans, mentorship, management, innovation to technology and much more) are welcome to make contact.

Your interest in this project is appreciated. You are welcome to follow and comment on the material being published on the website and on the facebook page.

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Leon van Wyk The InvestGardenRoute platform has been established by Leon van Wyk, a chartered accountant by training. His experience in accounting, financial management, strategy, management, corporate finance advisory and economic development consultancy stretches over three decades.