Mossel Bay Conference on Economic Development

Mossel Bay Conference on Economic Development
20th Sep 2017 Comments Off on Mossel Bay Conference on Economic Development Articles Leon van Wyk

The Mossel Bay Business Chamber hosted a conference on 14 September 2017 to discuss regional economic development to explore possibilities for economic growth and job creation. A number of guest speakers participated as reported on by the Mossel Bay Advertiser. It was mentioned that the region was blessed in having good levels of service delivery within well-functioning local government structures.

As a region, longer-term planning was necessary beyond a five year single term of local government. In particular planning for the infrastructure needs of the region was necessary in respect of water security, renewable energy, effective public transport, data access and communications. The use of technology played an increasingly important role in communicating with the youth. Consideration was being given in government circles for the establishment of a metropolitan region for the Garden Route.

Discussion also focused on the prospects for Tourism in the region, including sports tourism and the film industry during the off-season utilising the good climatic conditions and the relaxed atmosphere away from the pressures of the big cities. It was important to establish partnerships and build collaborative relationships to nurture these aspects.

In developing the region’s potential it was important to promote confidence, trust and uphold a positive outlook.

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