Catalyst Activities

Catalyst Activities

InvestGardenRoute will operate within the following areas:


Promote, facilitate and encourage discussion and conversation between participants who believe that working together and partnering will benefit citizens living on the Garden Route. Meetings / workshops will be arranged for specific sub-sectors to explore areas of mutual interest.


Discussions will be encouraged between individuals, companies, Investment funds, professionals, service providers and others in relation to retaining and growing existing investments, growing and creating new businesses to promote investment and employment growth on the Garden Route.

Catalyst Advisory

A five-step catalyst approach comprising 15 activity milestones will be followed to guide, advise, link and coordinate the process of transforming the conceptualisation of a project opportunity into a sustainable venture having due regard to the introduction of intellectual capital, the role of the entrepreneur, dealing with red tape issues, partnerships, venture funding, production, marketing, management and mentorship.

Investment Fund

Ultimately the success of InvestGardenRoute will depend on the access to investment capital from a range of potential investors providing risk and development capital in the form of equity and debt instruments. A strategic objective is the establishment of an investment fund vehicle providing venture or development capital or a combination thereof.

InvestGardenRoute will meet with a range of potential investors to plan the launch of an Investment Fund dedicated to investing in Garden Route businesses offering sustainable investment returns.

Management Advice

A range of business advisory services from financial management to mentorship and governance will be offered.

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