Prospect Four

Prospect Four

It is the objective of InvestGardenRoute to promote economic growth for the Garden Route economy along with increased employment. A vibrant, sustainable economy requires funding for successful business ventures, yet SMEs (employing less than 500 employees) often battle to raise essential levels of funding.

It is envisaged that a geographically-focussed Garden Route Investment Fund will be launched to raise venture capital of approximately R250 million to fund growth enterprises in the form of equity and debt capital.

InvestGardenRoute envisages using the catalyst model developed by Greybeard Business Catalyst to guide the project to sustainability and mentor management teams to achieve above average returns over a 5-7 year investment period.

Discussions will be held with both Institutional investors (including private equity firms and venture capitalists) and individual private investors to subscribe to the envisaged Fund. In terms of section 12J   of the Income Tax Act, tax deductions are permitted for venture capital investments if the Fund is so registered.

InvestGardenRoute would welcome conversations with Interested parties about such investment options as well as crowdfunding or funding of specific projects.

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